Ada Thorne (née Shelby) is the fourth and only female of the Shelby sibling. She married Freddie Thorne and has his son, Karl.

Character History Edit

Series 1 · 1919 Edit

Ada is in a secret romantic relationship with known Communist and Thomas's ex-best friend, Freddie Thorne. In the midst of a police raid, Freddie is forced to leave Birmingham, before Ada discovers that she is pregnant with Freddie's child. Uncertain about her future with Freddie, she, heeding Polly's advice, planned to abort her child. However, Freddie shows up at the train platform when Polly and Ada are on their way to Cardiff for the planned abortion, and they are reunited and eventually married.

Series 2 · 1922 Edit

Following Freddie's death, Ada has moved to London. Her support for the Communist cause leads to a disapproval of the lifestyle of her family and this results in her self-imposed isolation from the Shelby Family. However, Thomas still pays her visits and looks out for her welfare. Ada accepts his concern but is still critical of his lifestyle.

Series 3 · 1924 Edit

Relationships Edit

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Image GalleryEdit


Ada and her aunt Polly discussing the pregnancy


Ada at the Penny Crush Cinema.

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