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Alfred Solomons
Archie Peaky Blinders
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Camden Town, London, England
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Alfred "Alfie" Solomons is a Jewish gang leader who resides in Camden Town, London.

Background Edit

Violent and unpredictable, but intelligent and calculating, he is a master negotiator who uses violent outbursts and confusing language to intimidate and dominate everyone around him.

Aside from being a veteran of World War One, little else is known about his background but for the fact that his mother was a Jew who fled persecution in Russia. He understands Russian well. Currently, he 'uses' a bakery as a cover for his distillery.

Series 2 Edit

Alfie has a meeting with Thomas Shelby. Thomas informs Alfie that he is losing his war against Sabini. He tells him that Sabini is running all of Alfie's bookies off his courses, and closing down the premises that take Alfie's rum. Thomas proposes that they join forces. He offers him a hundred men and a new relationship with the police. Alfie eventually agrees to work with Thomas.

For a short time, he stops working with Thomas and starts working with Darby Sabini, who promises him that Alfie's bookies will be allowed to go to the Epsom Races. During this time, Alfie informs Arthur Shelby and Billy Kitchen of their new relationship by killing a goat named after Thomas.

Once Sabini breaks his promise, Alfie starts working with Thomas again.

Series 3 Edit

Two years later (1924) Edit

Relationships Edit

Thomas Shelby

Darby Sabini

Quotes Edit

"You're gypsies, right? So what do you live in, a fucking tent or caravan?" Alfie to Thomas during their first meeting
"I once carried out my own personal form of stigmata on an Italian. I pushed his face up against a trench and shoved a six-inch nail up his fucking nose and I hammered it home with a duckboard. It was fucking biblical, mate." Alfie to Thomas Shelby

Image Gallery Edit


Alfie Solomons and Thomas Shelby

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