Charles Shelby
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2 (born 1922)
Birmingham, England
Mother Grace Shelby (deceased)
Father Thomas Shelby
Grandmother (deceased)
Uncle Arthur Shelby Jr.
Uncle John Shelby
Uncle Finn Shelby
Aunt Ada Thorne
Cousin Karl Thorne
Second Cousin Michael Gray
Great-Aunt Polly Shelby
Great-Uncle Charlie Strong
Aunt-in-Law Linda Shelby
Aunt-in-Law Esme Shelby
Aunt-in-Law Martha Shelby (deceased)
Uncle-in-Law Freddie Thorne (deceased)
Grandfather Arthur Shelby Sr. (deceased)
Portrayed by
Charles Shelby is the only child of Grace Burgess and Thomas Shelby.

Background Edit

Charles Shelby was born sometime during the year 1922, making him 2 years old at the start of the third series. It has yet to be confirmed, but it is highly likely that Grace and Thomas named him after Charlie Chaplin: on the night of Charles' conception, the pair went out on a date to meet the famous English comic actor and filmmaker. It may also be out of respect for Charles "Charlie" Strong, the uncle of Thomas, Arthur, John, Ada, and Finn, who described himself as always "looking out like a father" for the Shelby children while they were growing up.

Series 3 Edit

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