Charlie Strong
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Peaky Blinder
Also known as
Uncle Charlie
49 (born 1875)
Birmingham, England
Niece Ada Thorne
Nephew Finn Shelby
Nephew John Shelby
Nephew Thomas Shelby
Nephew Arthur Shelby Jr.
Niece-in-Law Grace Shelby
Niece-in-Law Linda Shelby
Niece-in-Law Esme Shelby
Great-Nephew Karl Thorne
Great-Nephew Charles Shelby
Niece-in-Law Martha Shelby (deceased)
Nephew-in-Law Freddie Thorne (deceased)
Portrayed by
Charles "Charlie" Strong is the uncle of the Shelby siblings. He works for Thomas alongside members of the Peaky Blinders and Curly at his yard, regularly helping with stock and preparing shipments, as well as take care of horses for the Shelby Company Limited.

Series 1 Edit

When Thomas decides to keep the stolen guns he has acquired, Charlie questions Thomas's decision. Following Thomas's orders, he brings Danny Owen on a boat to London.

Series 2 Edit

Two years later (1922) Edit

After Thomas is ambushed by Darby Sabini's men and discharges himself out of the hospital, Charlie loads a boat with medical supplies and food for both his nephew and Curly so that they can make a trip to Camden Town to see Alfie Solomons.

When Thomas decides to buy a horse for the Epsom Races, he temporarily gives it to Charlie and Curly to care after it.

When the Shelby Company Limited begins its expansion, Charlie helps load crates of vehicles with bottles of Scotch Whiskey inside, to be sent overseas to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Series 3 Edit

Two years later (1924) Edit

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