S1 ep1 peaky blinders
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date September 12, 2013
Written by Steven Knight
Directed by Otto Bathurst
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-- Episode 1.2

"Episode 1.1" is the premiere episode of Peaky Blinders. It aired September 12th, 2013


Thomas Shelby gets a young Chinese girl to perform a spell on his black horse, Monaghan Boy. As a result, he infuriates his brother Arthur Shelby Jr., who tells him he should not be fixing races, and that they cannot go against both the Chinese gang and Billy Kimber.

The Shelby’s have a family meeting, where Arthur presents information about a copper recruiting Protestant Irishmen to come to Birmingham as Special police men to clean up the city.

Ep1 1 a

Aunt Polly

At a church, Polly Shelby pressures Thomas until he finally tells her about how his men accidentally acquired the wrong crate during a routine pick-up, instead taking a crate that contained Lewis machine guns, ammunition, semi-automatic rifles, and pistols with shells. Polly tells Thomas to dump the machine guns before he gets hanged for having them.

Thomas, Curly and Charlie when they find the wrong crate at Charlie Strong's Yard.

Grace Burgess enters The Garrison Pub and talks to Harry Fenton, the landlord, about a job posting. At first Harry turns her down, but Grace sings part of a song (the Irish ballad “I wish I was in Carrickfergus”) that wins him over.

Arthur Shelby goes to the cinema with two women, but gets captured by policemen and taken to Chief Inspector Campbell. Campbell asks Arthur what he knows about the robbery, and beats him when Arthur does not give him the answers he wants.

Ep1 1 b

Arthur Shelby and Chief Inspector Campbell

Grace and Harry help serve a full house of men on their way to a football game. Grace meets Thomas for the first time, and brings him a bottle of rum on the house. Harry warns her to stay away from him.

The Shelby family helps patch Arthur up. Arthur tells Thomas that Campbell said Winston Churchill sent him to Birmingham on a case of national interest related to a robbery. Campbell told Arthur that he wants the Peaky Blinders to help him. Thomas says nothing, which irritates Arthur.

In his bedroom, Thomas pours brown opium into his pipe and lights a match. He puts flame to the opium and draws. He dreams an old memory of himself, Freddie and Danny in the tunnels during the War, trying to listen in behind a wall, before they get attacked. He wakes, looks out the window and sees two policemen walking down the street.

At Charlie Strong’s Yard, Thomas decides to keep the guns.

Ep1 2 c

Chief Inspector Campbell and Grace Burgess

Mr. Campbell meets Grace at the statue room of a museum, proving that she is an agent of the Crown. It is revealed that Grace’s father, an officer, was killed by the IRA, and that at some point, Campbell had worked with him.

The two Italians that had witnessed Danny Whizz-Bang murdering a waiter in Little Italy watch with satisfaction as Thomas kills Danny. A boat with Charlie Strong in it comes up and Danny falls into it.

Danny Owen

Thomas ans Danny Whizz-Bang

Danny wakes up under a canal tunnel, still on the boat with Charlie Strong. Thomas had only shot a shell full of sheep brains at the back of Danny’s head. Charlie tells him they are heading to London, because Thomas has a job for Danny to do there. He tells Danny that he is a member of the Peaky Blinders now.

Polly asks Thomas if he got rid of the guns, and Thomas lies and tells her that he did. In a final scene, Grace and Thomas see each other while Thomas is walking outside The Garrison Pub, and he continues walking down the street.


"Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

"I wish I was in Carrickfergus" (performed by Annabelle Wallis)

"The Boy I Love is Up in the Gallery" by George Ware (performed by Annabelle Wallis)


  • In the opening scene on the train with Inspector Campbell, he's looking over Arthur and Thomas's rap-sheet, where they are charged as a racketeer. The term racketeer was not introduced until 1925, in the U.S.


“Yeah but we ain’t IRA. We bloody fought for the King.”John Shelby

Polly Shelby: “This family does everything open. You have nothing more to say to this meeting, Thomas?”
Thomas Shelby: “No, nothing that’s women’s business.”
Polly: “This whole bloody enterprise was women’s business while you boys were away at war. What’s changed?”
Thomas: “We came back.”
“Speak. God and Aunt Polly are listening.”Polly Shelby
“You have your mother’s common sense but your father’s devilment. I see them fighting. Let your mother win.”Polly Shelby
“What the fuck? Who the fuck are you? I’m Arthur fucking Shelby!”Arthur Shelby Jr.
“Are you a whore? Because if you’re not, you’re in the wrong place.”Thomas Shelby to Grace Burgess.
John Shelby: “You went to one first aid class in the church hall and got thrown out for giggling.”

Ada Shelby: “Not before I learned how to stop somebody from choking.”

Arthur Shelby: “I’m not bloody choking, am i?”

Ada Shelby: “You will be when I wrap this cloth around your neck.”

Arthur (to Thomas): “What’s wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with him lately?”
Polly: “If I knew I’d buy the cure from Compton’s Chemists.”