Lee raid ep4
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date October 3, 2013
Written by Steven Knight

Stephen Russell

Directed by Tom Harper
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"Episode 1.4" is the fourth episode of Series 1 of Peaky Blinders. It aired on October 3rd, 2013.


John Shelby calls a family meeting, and for a short the Shelby Home is left under the protection of one man, Scudboat. The Lee Family sneak their way into the Shelby Home and beat up Scudboat and leave wire cutters in the home, proving that they left a hand grenade somewhere. Thomas Shelby realizes the hand grenade is in his car, and saves his brother Finn from the grenade when Finn Shelby decides to pretend to be Thomas by climbing into his car. 

John tells his family members that he is getting married to the prostitute Lizzie Stark. 


Johnny Dogs bringing Thomas to the Lee family.

 Thomas goes to the Lee family to settle the dispute between the Lees and the Shelbys once and for all. Claiming that he is related to the Lee family on his mother’s side, Thomas tells them that he will be betraying Billy Kimber and that he needs men to help. 

Polly Shelby tells Thomas she received an address from an acquaintance anonymously, and tells him she has a strategy to deal with the Freddie Thorne situation. Thomas delivers the address of Stanley Chapman (a Communist man holding 200 pounds in cash given to the Communist Party by the Russian government) to Inspector Campbell, instead of Freddie Thorne.

Campbell threatens Thomas and his entire family, if Thomas does not give him the stolen guns in time before the Inspector gets dismissed from his position. Campbell promises that in exchange for the address, he will let Freddie Thorne and Ada Shelby leave the city. However, when Sergeant Moss asks him about it, Campbell states that the promise means nothing to him.

Polly tells Freddie about the deal Thomas made with Inspector Campbell, and Freddie tells her that Stanley Chapman does not know Freddie’s address, and that the police will keep beating him for it.

Sergeant Moss shows Campbell a dead Stanley Chapman, who had a seizure after being beaten repeatedly. Sergeant Moss is clearly disturbed by Campbell’s way of handling things.

Billy Kimber visits the Shelby Home and hands Thomas a legal betting license; the Shelby family’s first legal racetrack pitch.

Grace Burgess helps Arthur Shelby with his calculations. She discovers that the Shelby family contraband always stay near petrol boat moorings, and that the boats are moored at junctions. She gives the information to Campbell, who searches them for the stolen guns, but comes up with nothing but cigarettes and whiskey.


Thomas and Grace at the Catholic Church

After hearing about how Grace was asking questions about how they run their business, Thomas brings Grace to the Catholic Church. He discovers that she is not a Catholic at all—this being the second time she has lied to him. Thomas tells Grace that he wants her to work for the Shelby family as an assistant (similar to what Roberts does for Kimber), and he kisses her.

Thomas offers Lizzie Stark money for her to service him one last time before she marries his brother John. Lizzie accepts the money, and Thomas tells her to keep the money, and that he was just testing her. He tells Lizzie that he will tell John the truth.

Thomas tells John that he offered Lizzie money to service him and that she said yes. John decides not to go see Lizzie like he had planned.

Thomas gives Grace her first job: to see Ada at Montague Street and bring her an invitation to a family occasion, and to tell her there will be a truce. John breaks into Thomas’s room. He tells Thomas that he found out that Lizzie still sees a couple of regular customers.


Johnny Dogs marrying John and Esme to each other.

The next day, Thomas reveals to John that he will be getting married to a Lee family member to settle the dispute between the Shelbys and the Lees. John marries Esme Lee, and they have a wedding with fireworks and dancing. Ada’s water breaks at the wedding. She gives birth to a baby boy, and Thomas allows Freddie to come see his son.

Grace tells Inspector Campbell of Freddie’s location, and the police come and take Freddie away. As a result, Polly yells at Thomas, calling him a liar.





John (to Thomas): “Right, I want it known, if anyone calls her a whore again, I will push the barrel of my revolver down their throats and blow the word back down into their hearts.”
Polly: “Men and their cocks never cease to amaze me. John, Lizzie Stark’s never done a day’s work vertical.”
“Brave is going where no man’s gone before. And with Lizzie Stark, John, that is really not what you’ll be doing.”Polly to John
“I got you ten minutes with her. You can at least say thank you, it’s easier to see the Pope these days.”Johnny Dogs to Thomas
Grace: “I’m not an accountant nor a lawyer.”
Thomas: “No, but you have something I need. Class.”
Thomas: “John will make his own decision. But he will have the facts.”

Lizzie: “Your brother is ten times the man you are.”

Thomas (to himself): “Of that, I have no doubt.”

Thomas: “Can you make a toast?”
Grace: “I’m Irish, I can make a million toasts. May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”
John: “You must think I’m an idiot.”

Thomas: “I think you’re the first Shelby to have a legal betting license for anything. What would our granddad say, eh? He’d be turning in his grave. ‘Honest bloody money? Eh? In this house? Here?’”

“Listen, I have already betrothed you. So if you back out now there’s going to be one fucking mighty war breaking out here that’s going to make the Somme—It’s going to make the Somme look like a fucking tea party.”Thomas to John
Thomas: “You’re right, Pol. Freddie should be here.”

Polly: “Is that a heartbeat I hear inside that chest?”

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