Season 3, Episode 1
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Air date May 5, 2016
Written by Steven Knight
Directed by Tim Mielants
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"Episode 3.1" is the first episode of Series 3 of Peaky Blinders and the thirteenth episode overall. It aired on May 5th, 2016.

Summary Edit

The episode opens with a flashback of Episode 2.6, where Thomas finds out he has a job to do for Winston Churchill and that Churchill will be in touch with him.

Two years later (1924)

Thomas Shelby’s wedding to Grace Burgess is taking place at a church. Not only have all of the Shelby family and their kin been invited, but Grace’s family as well, to the detriment of the Shelbys. Grace’s family is composed of cavalry men, many Irish members of the King’s British Army. They further irritate the Shelby Family by wearing their uniforms to the wedding.

Thomas, Grace and Charles Shelby

The Peaky Blinders have a meeting in the kitchen. Thomas informs the men to be on their best behaviour: no fighting, no cocaine, no telling fortunes, no racing, and more. Thomas is evidently in a state of stress (and later to be revealed, fear) as he is shouting at the Peaky Blinders in a rage not seen of him before by anyone outside the family.
Anton Kaledin

Anton Kaledin

A refugee from Russia by the name of Anton Kaledin speaks with Polly Shelby at the dinner table, attempting to negotiate topics of business between the Russians and the Shelby Family. However, Polly turns him down due to the timing of this conversation being inappropriate.

Arthur Shelby Jr. attempts to give his best man speech at the wedding, but it falls apart, and Thomas cuts him short before he reveals a secret to Grace’s Irish family members—that Grace’s previous husband had killed himself.

Thomas takes Arthur outside and informs him that the Russians have made contact with the Peaky Blinders.

Aunt Polly approaches Anton Kaledin, telling him to give her a code name in order for him to speak to Thomas. He tells her that the code is “Constantine.”

The Peaky Blinders fix another race of betting on horses and Johnny Dogs loads a horse with morphine and water. The money won from the bets on this losing horse are to be given to the Shelby Foundation Charity for reputation—so the people of Birmingham can see Thomas giving back to the poor.

Anton Kaledin finally speaks with Thomas, telling him he has powerful enemies who are constantly watching him and his family. Thomas asks for the money he is being given from Winston Churchill (to carry out a job), and Anton informs him that it will be brought by the Duke’s niece. Thomas in turn tells him that he will not meet with the woman but instead have her picked up and brought to him by the police.

The young Duchess Tatiana Petrovna is brought by Sergeant Moss (who is still on the Peaky Blinders’s payroll). Thomas informs her that Mr. Kaledin provided the wrong code name, meaning the man must be killed by the orders of Churchill. She provides Thomas with the money and heads back to Birmingham.

Arthur confides in Thomas, not wanting to do the job that they must carry out, but Thomas tells him that they have no choice or else they will hang.

Polly Gray Ruben Oliver

Polly & Ruben Oliver

Arthur successfully kills Anton Kaledin despite struggling with the job. A man named Ruben Oliver offers to spend the night with Polly Shelby but she turns him down.

The next day, the Shelby Family head back to Birmingham and meet at the business home with the rest of the Peaky Blinders, and place the money they earned the day before into a large safe, proving that the family business is thriving larger than ever.

Music Edit

"Breathless" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (during the wedding)

"Dangerous Animals" by the Arctic Monkeys (the men bet on horse races)

"You and Whose Army?" by Radiohead (Johnny Dogs and other men bury the evidence)

Trivia Edit

  • Thomas’s middle name is Michael. And Grace’s is Helen.
  • Thomas is being asked by Churchill to deliver guns to the Russian "Whites". The Whites were monarchists (white was traditionally the colour of royalty) who fought the Red Bolsheviks in a civil war after the 1917 Russian Revolution. The war was pretty much over by 1922, but let's not go there. Britain did indeed back the Whites, albeit ineffectively due to war-weariness after World War I and a lack of domestic support.


Quotes Edit

“No cocaine, no sport, no telling fortunes, no racing, no fucking sucking petrol out of their fucking cars, and the main thing is – no fighting.”Thomas Shelby
"It's full of gypsies and blacks."Grace’s family members
"My senior position within the Shelby company means I don't often have to ask permission from anyoneto do anything." Polly to Anton Kaledin
"Oh, I haven't forgotten, sweetheart. It's only Thomas that's forgotten what you are."Polly Shelby to Grace Shelby
"I put it all together, but I don't partake. See, I've got a bright future, you see? Mapped out."Michael Gray

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