Esme Martha Shelby (née Lee) is a member of the Shelby family as wife to John Shelby. She was formerly a member of the Lee clan. Their marriage was arranged in order to make peace between the two families and provided a carer for John's four children, from his previous marriage, while also caring for her own 2 children with John.

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Esme is the wife of John Shelby. Though at first their marriage acts as a truce between their two families it becomes clear that the two form a strong bond. In Season Two, John and Esme are both wary about Thomas' plans for London with Esme saying she wants John to be able to watch their son grow up and live in the country. In Season 3 Esme is pregnant with, presumedly, her third child. John clearly understands and cares for Esme as he promises to buy her a house with land so she won't feel cooped up and defends her against Thomas when he accuses her of betraying them.

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"As a matter of fact, he's doing me today." -- Esme Shelby to Thomas Shelby
"But London is just smoke and trouble, Thomas." -- Esme Shelby to Thomas Shelby
"I don't need a knife to stop me telling secrets given in confidence. It is a matter of honour." -- Esme Shelby to Polly Gray
"Esme is all right, you know? She's got a good heart, she has." Thomas Shelby to Polly Gray
"Born riding. I slept in a manger when I was a baby." -- Esme Shelby to May Carleton
"Your Gypsy half is the stronger."-- Esme Shelby to Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby : "I will cut you from this family." Esme Shelby : "What family?"
"It's not fair." -- Esme Shelby to Lizzie Stark
"Them bastards down there shooting deer. Me five months gone, sat here like a pudding."-- Esme Shelby to Polly, Linda and Lizzie Stark
"We're the family now." -- Esme Shelby to John Shelby
"I'm taking the children on the road, to live with decent people. They'll never know the cursed side of this family." -- Esme Shelby to John Shelby

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