Father John Hughes is a member and representative of The Economic League, working with Patrick Jarvis. It is insinuated that he is a child molester as Thomas Shelby is too disgusted to even shake his hand and has no respect for the man. Also Michael Shelby is a victim of Hughes from when he was first taken in which is why Micheal himself insisted he be the one to end his life.

Father Hughes also leads Thomas Shelby to a meeting where his bodyguards beat Thomas and crush his skull.

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Series 3 · 1924 Edit

Thomas comes to believe that Father Hughes is a double agent, seemingly working for the British Crown and with the politically White Russians but reporting to the Communist Russians. This is only partially true; Hughes does represent the Crown and was acting under orders to report to the Reds because they wanted to provoke an attack on British soil, this would break diplomatic relations with the Communists.

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