Series 2 of Peaky Blinders aired on BBC Two on October 2, 2014 and ran for six episodes. It preceded Series 1 and was followed by Series 3.

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Set two years after the events of Series 1, it follows the Shelby family as they expand their business South and North while maintaining their stronghold in Birmingham, England. Beginning in 1921, it ends with a climax at Epsom race-course on "Derby Day" in June 1922.

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Image Title Number Airdate Writers Director
Episode 1 2.1 October 2, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Peaky Blinders picks up two years later, in 1921. Thomas reveals to his family that he plans to expand their successful business to London. Polly tries to find out what happened to her children, while Thomas, Arthur and John visit a jazz club run by Darby Sabini.
Episode 2 2.2 October 9, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Ada is rescued from Sabini’s men by Peaky Blinders members, while Thomas is in the hospital recovering. He discharges himself from the hospital and heads to Camden Town to meet Alfie Solomons. Arthur Shelby Jr. accidentally beats an opponent to death in a boxing ring, and Thomas receives a letter from Grace.
Episode 3 2.3 October 16, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Polly meets with her estranged son Michael. Thomas and his new recruits head to Camden Town to work with Alfie Solomons. One of Thomas’s new recruits gets killed by Sabini, and Thomas calls a family meeting. At an auction, the Blinders meet May Carleton for the first time.
Episode 4 2.4 October 23, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Thomas realizes that the Irish handlers are backed by Inspector Campbell, and they order him to carry out another assassination. Thomas invites himself to May Carleton’s mansion to get progress on his horse, while Michael and Isaiah encounter some trouble at a bar.
Episode 5 2.5 October 30, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Michael has been thrown behind bars by Inspector Campbell for the previous night’s burning of a pub, causing a livid Polly to direct her anger at Thomas. Grace is back in London, and she meets up with Thomas, but the night doesn’t go as she expected. Thomas gets John to aid him in his plans to have the assassination take place at a specific location: Epsom racetrack on Derby day.
Episode 6 2.6 November 6, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Thomas settles his affairs by writing a letter, in case of his own death. He meets with Alfie Solomons, enabling him to get Arthur Shelby Jr. out of jail. Thomas collects the Peaky Blinders and gives them their duties at the day’s races. At the races, he runs into Grace, who reveals that she is pregnant. Thomas is able to carry out the assassination but at the expense of Lizzie Starke. Despite the successes, Thomas still gets kidnapped by Inspector Campbell’s men and taken to an empty field.


Peaky Blinders Series 2 Trailer - BBC Two

Peaky Blinders Series 2 Trailer - BBC Two