Episode 1.2 Edit

Thomas, Arthur and John Shelby are in the countryside for the fair, where the gypsy Lee Family are. An insult dealt to their mother by one of the Lee brothers results in a brawl, led by Thomas. On their return, Polly takes Thomas aside to tell him that Inspector Campbell wants to meet him. In return for the unwelcome police raid on the Birmingham town, Thomas then instructs and orchestrates a mass burning of the pictures of the King, and gets a reporter to cover this incident, drawing the attention and displeasure of Winston Churchill to Inspector Campbell.

Later, while collecting his horse from Curly, Charlie presents a bullet with Thomas's name engraved on ita declaration of war, from the Lee clan. While on the streets, he is stopped by Grace when she tosses a bucket of spit before his horse, and he invites her to the Cheltenham Races.

On his return to the Shelby home, Polly informs him of his sister Ada's pregnancy, and he storms off to find Ada at the cinema, demanding the identity of the father of her child. 

Thomas in the Shelby Home.

The fixed race with the horse Monaghan Boy pays off, and the Peaky Blinders make a fortune. However, Thomas had fixed the race without the permission of Billy Kimber, the man who controls all the bookmaking sites at racecourses, and Polly chides him for it.

Afterwards, Thomas reveals his plan to take over Billy Kimber's business when he meets Inspector Campbell and offers him a deal: in return for Inspector Campbell's (and the policemen's) non-interference with the work of the Peaky Blinders and the impending takeover of Billy Kimber's business, Thomas promises the removal of Freddie Thorne from the city as well as the missing guns to Campbell. Thomas ensures his own safety by telling Campbell that if he is taken into police custody, the guns will be dropped off at Liverpool, brought to Belfast and sold to the IRA. Campbell seemingly agrees to the deal, and Thomas leaves after making a snide remark at Campbell's deferment from the war.

One night, while in the throes of a nightmare, Curly wakes Thomas up and tells Thomas that the horse he bought from the fair is cursed, and the curse will soon spread to the heart of the horse. After Charlie deduces that this is the work of the Lee family, Thomas shoots his horse, then heads to the now-empty Garrison Pub for a drink, where he is served by Grace. He then reveals to her that, contrary to what she has said about her past, he knows she's never worked in any pub in Dublin, then goes on to (incorrectly) guess that she was a pregnant runaway, but promises Grace to keep it a secret.

The following day, Billy Kimber storms into The Garrison Pub, demanding to see "any man named Shelby". The Shelby brothers, and Thomas in particular, receive the wrath of Billy Kimber, who accuses Thomas of fixing the races, and subsequently threatens to shoot them. Thomas, however, politely offers to strike a deal with him; given that both Thomas and Billy Kimber are at war with the Lee family, Thomas proposes to work with Billy Kimber to beat the Lee family to both their advantages. Though Kimber doesn't accept their offer immediately, they come to a truce because of Thomas's overly respectful appearance.